I went to Austria for a week (March 18-26, 2017), and it was easy, fun, and SO BEAUTIFUL! I spent the first three days in the Austria Alps skiing in Kitzbuhel, and I spent the next three days in Vienna for the International Convention of Psychological Science. This was my rough itinerary:


Immediately after arriving in the Vienna airport, I went to the airport train station and bought a ticket to Kitzbuhel (69 euros). The ticket came with no information about the actual trains that I was supposed to used to get there, and apparently there are no people to offer train help on Sunday mornings. Luckily the airport had free wifi and Google Maps worked like a charm! The train trip took about 4.5 hours, with only one transfer. I made it to the Kitzbuhel train station and then walked to my hotel, Pension Haus Koller. This hotel was perfect - it was quiet, but perfectly located next to the center of the town. Plus, it was only a 10 minute walk to the ski lifts!

The mountain was enormous, and the views were incredible:

The town of Kitzbuhel was also wonderful:


I stayed in Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner while in Vienna, and it was fantastic! They have a wide range of private and dorm style rooms, friendly staff, and great common areas. Most of my time in Vienna was spent attending the ICPS conference, but I did manage to get out and see a few of the city’s main attractions:

I also loved the restaurants in Vienna. My favorite was a Pakistani restaurant, Deewan, that was recommended to me by my friend who attended the University of Vienna. It was delicious, and they have a really interesting business model - It’s pay as you wish!

Overall, I loved Austria, especially the Alps!