Banana Ice Cream

This is my healthy, vegan version of ice cream! Instead of the regular milk/sugar/cream/whatever, this “ice cream” is made out of frozen bananas and dates. It’s one of my favorite desserts, and it’s so cheap and easy that I make it all the time!


Note: Zach and I think this makes enough for 2 people, but it could serve more people if you’re willing to make smaller serving sizes (we’re not).


  1. Remove dates from water and add to a blender along with the coconut oil, vanilla, and a couple of shakes of cinnamon
  2. Blend
  3. Add all of the bananas (both frozen and unfrozen)
  4. Blend (You will need a strong blender to mash the frozen bananas!)
  5. Remove from blender, stir in cacao nibs
  6. ENJOY!!!

I know this picture doesn’t look amazing, but trust me, it does taste amaaaaazing!.