Here is a summary of my teaching evaluations and excerpts from students in my recent classes. Email me for more information!

CAS 421 (Communication and Aging), Instructor, Fall 2015

"Amber is a great teacher who is very understanding and willing to help her students in any way possible. Loved this class because she made the material interesting and made it easily relatable."

"Amber was always readily able to explain a point at depth in class, when needed. The case studies were good because they reinforced what we were learning in class to real world work."

"She made it a very open learning environment and I found the info very interesting! I liked how she printed out the slides for us and always gave us review sheets for exams."

CAS 253 (Health Communication), Instructor, Fall 2014

“Being given the opportunity to work on our portfolio project all semester helped me apply concepts we learned in class. The feedback on our writing was also very effective and helped me learn what mistakes I made and how to improve them. I think my writing ability has also been able to improve due to the feedback.”

“The portfolio project and case study really helped me make sure I understood the material and could apply it to everyday life.”

“Amber was crucial in helping me learn in this class as she really forced us to think and participate in class discussions.”

“Overall, it was an excellent learning experience! Initially some of the terms were harder to understand without some examples, but after hearing our feedback in class, Amber made sure to provide more examples to help us remember the material.”

CAS 204 (Research Methods), Instructor, Spring 2014

“Amber gave us great examples when explaining concepts, and made sure that everything was understood before moving on. I also liked how she did in-class activities that helps us understand the concepts being discussed.”

“It was easy to learn and retain the information long term with an instructor like [Amber].”

“The daily presentations of information were perfect for note taking and aided in preparation for exams. Also our participation assignments helped put the information in a different light which definitely helped with genuinely learning the information.”

CAS 204 (Research Methods), TA, Fall 2013

“Amber’s intellect and passion for the subject clearly helped the most in learning more about the subject. She always had an answer and good ones at that."

“Amber’s systematic explanation of concepts made a lot of sense to me which made the concepts very easy to understand and remember.”

“Amber was excellent in making sure we all knew specific information, especially when it wasn’t given to us during lectures. She was very helpful and open for questions.”

CAS 202 (Communication Theory), TA, Spring 2013

“Amber is going to be a great teacher because she teaches in a way that the students understand and can relate to. She makes sure that the class fully understands the information before she moves on. I feel I would not have done well in this class without her labs.”

“Amber clearly has extensive knowledge of and interest in the material covered in this course. She is also a kind, effective, and enjoyable instructor. I hope she plans to continue teaching in some fashion. As a TA, she has been helpful, understanding, funny, informative, and encouraging.”

“Amber was very clear when explaining the lessons and did so in a way that was way easy to understand. If we didn't understand the material she would reword it and make sure we understood what she was talking about. I also liked the group work we had to do in the lab. This was a great help to better understand the material. It allowed you to apply the lessons in real life situation, which for me makes things easier to understand.”